Vi lib

main | c hacks | c grab bag | scripts | libs | share | templates | vi lib begin macro for awk
begw place cursor at beggining of current word
c.ab shorties for C hack to ^K: place author and date between C comments begin macro for C code
c.blk autoindents C blocks
c.cmnt comments for C
c.misc miscelandeous stuff for c code
capicua reverse order of characters on line
caseconv change case on things
center center lines on a 80 column width
complete complete keywords
complt macros for word completition
correct word correction macro
cpp.ab cpp shorties
cpp.defs miscelandeous stuff for #defines et al
date macros for getting and pasting dates
del-c-comment deletes all comments on a C file
do-author place mark with author and date
edit edit file under cursor
emacs-keys movement keys a-la emacs
empty check if line is empty
exec execution and stuff alike
fmt a builtin formatter
html.ab handy stuff for html produce a .exrc like file with html tag mappings
keys program cursor keys to do the expected
ladder generate a ladder-like output
latin1.ab abbreviations for latin1
lines line-oriented macros
make.ab makefile shorties
mark-copyright place mark with author and date
month.ab abbrs of month names
pt.ab some portuguese abbreviations
rcs.ab rcs abbreviations
roff-syms.ab abbreviatons for roff symbols
rot13 perform rot13 encryption begin macro for sed
sh.ab shorties for shell
sh.cmnt comments for shell and others
squeeze squeeze blank lines
tester macros to aux on testing other macros
underline [no desc]
unshar unshar a file begin macro for vi macro files
vi.cmnt comments for VI
week.ab abbrs of week days
word-search macros to searck back and forward for the word under cursor
wquote quote word
ws word search
keys.aux aux macros to help building/testing macros in keys

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