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Makefile [no desc]
README [no desc]
awk template for an awk script, with option processing
c-args template for a c main, with simple args parser
c-cat template c progs like cat (use their args as files for read)
c-getopt template for use of getopt
c-head [no desc]
c-tcp-client establishes a tcp socket connection (client)
h-head [no desc]
html minimal template for html files
html-table producing a table in html
js javascript template, to include on html files
make-c template for a c project makefile
make-roff template for makefiles to assist production of documentation
make-roff-sm makefile for small documentation projects...
man-1 template for unix section 1 man pages
man-3 template for unix section 3 man pages
man-code template to write code on man pages
man-short short template for man files
me template for a me paper with cover, toc and index
me-large large me doc, with title, author and abstract
me-setup template for configurating a me doc
me-small template for small me doc: title, author, no abstract
me-void template for void me doc: no title, no author, no abstract
ms-large large ms doc, with author, title, and abstract
ms-setup template to insert on a ms doc, in order to set things
ms-small template for small ms doc: title, author, no abstract
ms-void template for a void ms doc-- no title, no author, no abstract
pl template file for perl scripts
pl-cat template file for perl scripts, that read from stdin if no args, else read from filenames, passed on args...
pl-dbi using DBI to access data in databases...
pl-pm template for building perl modules
pl-sh a perl script, to be fed to sh(1)
ps-head [no desc]
sed-pfilt template for a sed printing filter
sed-sm template for a state machine with sed
sh template for shell scripts
sybase-cursor template for using a cursor
sybase-sp template for creating a stored procedure
pl-cgi.cgi template for making small perl CGIs
sm.pl a state machine CGI based engine (in perl)
end.html [no desc]
error.html [no desc]
welcome.html [no desc]
cal.html [no desc]
error.html [no desc]
first.html [no desc]
Defs [no desc]
Makefile [no desc]
README [no desc]
c-apply.me candidatura espontanea
c-apply2.txt auto proposta, finalista
c-apply3.txt cand espontanea, aluno finalista
c-resp.txt resposta a anuncio
c-resp2.txt resposta a anuncio
c-status.txt averiguar sobre o estado da candidatura
e-offer.me oferta na area de prog,internet,desenvolvimento
e-refuse.txt recusa a um CV recebido
e-refuse2.txt recusa a um CV recebido
t.sed [no desc]
c-apply.ps [no desc]
c-apply.txt [no desc]
c-apply2.ps [no desc]
c-apply2.txt [no desc]
c-apply3.ps [no desc]
c-apply3.txt [no desc]
c-resp.ps [no desc]
c-resp.txt [no desc]
c-resp2.ps [no desc]
c-resp2.txt [no desc]
c-status.ps [no desc]
c-status.txt [no desc]
e-offer.ps [no desc]
e-offer.txt [no desc]
e-refuse.ps [no desc]
e-refuse.txt [no desc]
e-refuse2.ps [no desc]
e-refuse2.txt [no desc]

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