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Makefile [no desc]
README [no desc]
asc-hex [no desc]
ascii ascii table
coordinates latitute and longitude coordinates of several places layout for some models of a portuguese keyboard
metachars special (or dangerous) chars: have some meaning for certain apps christian female portuguese names christian male portuguese names
paper-format description of paper formats
phone.inter phone prefixes for international calls prefix codes for portuguese locations
sig-long [no desc]
sig-medium [no desc]
sig-short [no desc]
sum-awk summary of awk(1)
sum-c summary of C language
sum-cgi summary of CGI - common gateway interface
sum-cp summary of PRE-SQL
sum-html summary of html
sum-m4 summary of m4(1) macro processor
sum-me summary for macros -me
sum-sed summary of sed(1) commands
sum-sockets how to invoke sockets
sum-ssi summary of SSI - server side include
sum-tc summary of termcap(5) capabilities
syms.roff special characters for roff
t-132 [no desc]
t-80 [no desc]
t-ascii [no desc]
t-cols display lines with several lengths
t-dig [no desc]
t-low [no desc]
t-rows display several numbered lines
t-upp [no desc]
tips-apache tips on apache
tips-c tips on C programming
tips-gcc tips for c compiling
tips-netscape tips on mozilla netscape
tips-sql tips for sql
urls list of some selected (useful) sites portugal postal codes

main | c hacks | c grab bag | scripts | libs | share | templates | vi lib

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