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admin administration stuff [no desc]
arpwatch-logview [no desc] strip executables, if not done already
free.awk query on memory on a linux system
fs-change-quota change quotas on a flesystem
ldd-check performs checks on ldd output find share lib deps
sendmail.restart restarts sendmail ...
shared-sym fix symlinks of shared libs
backup scripts for backing up
bak-tape do backups to tape
backup/set1 [no description]
bak-to-zips produce zips to temp file
merge-zips merge several splitted zips, into original zips
move-to-disks move files to floppy disk, not exceeding max size
split-zips from the original zip, produce several smaller
calc calculations, math
factorial computes factorial
pow2 computes powers of 2
primes computes prime numbers
primes.awk output primes
primes_ii.awk generate prime numbers
cdr [no description] [no desc] [no desc]
cjgd for user specific use (might be useful)
check-mail [no desc]
comp-info compress info files on system
comp-man compress man pages
do-export [no desc]
man poor man's implementation of man(1)
optimize-make edit makefiles, and change CFLAGS, by removing debuggin options, and adding optimize ones
term-names keep a list of wanted term-types, to pass to t-update
vmstat-custom customization for vmstat(8) [linux]
adjdata works on /etc/adjtime data, used by clock(8) [linux]
magic-upd adds /etc/magic.local to /etc/magic if necessary
t-update enshortens big termcap/terminfo files, by selecting some terms
convert converting something to something else convert dos to unix (CRLF line ends to LF)
dtou.sed convert a format CRLF to LF form of newline
fr_roman.sed from roman (to decimal)
from_roman.sed output bc(1) code that convert roman to decimal
fromdos convert msdos EOL to unix
t2c.sed converts text, to C strings
t2html.sed quotes text, into html format
t2roff.sed changes text, for inclusion on roff documents
to_roman.sed converts decimal to roman convert =XX quote, to its 8 bit representation
utod.sed convert LF to CRLF on a unix box
cvs [no description] [no desc] find CVS files associated with some tag
devel useful when doing development remove blocks of C comments
del-c-cmnt.awk delete comments on C code
del-c-cmnt.sed remove all comments on C code
del-sh-cmnt.sed delete all comments from a SH file converts standard M4 quotes and prefix builtins
make-targets.sed tries to catch all targets on a Makefile
mk wrapper for make: seaches for a Makefile downside along path, and use it if available
rev-byte.awk print reversed bytes in binary... converts text/binary to C string/data
file file name and directories scripts
dir-diff [no desc]
dos-fn convert long filenames to 8.3 restriction convert long filenames to 8.3 restriction find empty dirs finds empty directories, in python
fbasename.sed strip directory component from paths
fdirname.sed dirname applied on an input of filenames date of a given file finds equal files (w.r.t contents) Takes a directory with subdirectories and copies it to other directory with no subdirectories. Files with same names are handled, and a reverse script is made in order to restore the original hierarchy.
fn-generate generate file names
fnspaces replace spaces on file names
hdtosym convert hard links to symlinks
ls-dup.awk find duplicated names within first few characters
ls-today list today files
mvdir move whole directories
perms.sed convert 'ls -l' output in octal file permission modes
rel2abs convert relative symlinks to absolute ones remove all non-text files recursively rename files by finding a fixed pattern and replace it by other rename files
split-big-dir split a big dir, into several of approx same size
symtohd convert symlinks to hard links
tolower.awk convert input file names into lower case
tolower.sed convert file names to lower case...
toupper.awk convert input file names into upper case
toupper.sed convert file names to upper case...
wipe-dirs remove recursively empty directories
wipe-links remove stale symbolic links
xmkdir [no desc]
move-to-lower rename files to lower/upper case...
fun fun and amusing stuff
ghanoi.sed a "graphical" implementation of hanoi game, in sed!
hanoi-pp.awk hanoi pretty print, transform "move from x to y" into moves
hanoi.awk generate hanoi moves
month display current month
month-hard-way show current month on hairy ways...
small-wbanner display banner contents on a wide fashion
wbanner wide banner: rotate banner output 90 degrees.
grep grepping, searching
dgrep perform a delimeted grep
h-grep highlight" grep
text-grep perform grep on text files
ul-grep underline grep
gzip gziping/compressing/archiving
comp-order reorders filenames for better compression
gunziper gunzip files and directories recursively
gziper only compress files that worth being compressed
untar unpack several archives files
xarj decompresses several arj archive, and support multivolume ones
zblow blows compressed stuff to stdout
java [no description]
check checks java sources for errors, currenly very limited detects current version of a classfile
man man, help, info related scripts
cmp-info compare output of two (gnu)info files
fake-cats see if there are any cat page, without the corresponding man
ln-care take care of hard linked files
so-care take care of .so files
mtools mtools wrappers, or floppies related in general
fromdisks copy files several disks into separated directories
mdirs recursive mtools directory list, front end to mdir
xcopy copy files to multiple disks
multimedia [no description]
any-to-au converts any sound format to AU (use sox)
cd-to-mp3 grabs cd audio track to an mp3 file. uses cdparanoia and lame play images optimize jpeg images simple audio file player
net ***net related scripts
downloader call N fetchers to download M files, in parallel
ftpget get files from ftp site several conversions on IP addresses (IPv4)
ppost process quoted messages (as in replying mail ou news) cluster suck retrieved files, by subject
tin-batch-save save news articles for later read with tin mark as unread, tin logged articles (produced by -S -c)
usenet-handle an attempt to canonify the names of faqs, howtos, etc...
probe probing the system for that feature
cmd-sel selects the path for a given command
echo defines a function that echoes without a trailing newline
ls-l-size output field number (1 based) of ls -l output, that shows the file size
max-arg-len find max arg len list to give to a command
get-ptys get all well known ptys available on /dev
rcs-utils rcs related scripts
makediffs create a shell script to recreate dir2, given dir1
mkpatch make patch file, for transforming xx.orig into xx
rcscmp check what files differ from latest RCS version
rcsextra check for files being revisioned, that doesnt exist
rcsmiss check for files not being revisioned move source-files and theirs ,v if any, into other dir
rcsmvdir move ,v files into RCS directory
rcsrmdir remove RCS dir, and move all ,v file into current dir
rcsupdate updates rcs files
redhat scripts for use on a redhat system
fix-pcmcia-rc rename S45pcmcia to S09pcmcia, in order to run BEFORE network rc script does
rpm-size [no desc]
fix-path fix path on redhat startup scripts, to include /usr/local/bin
roff scripts for use when preparing roff documents
soelim.sed produce sh(1) commands that do a soelim
search [no description] like find >file && grep file, but file is kept shorter. a poor's man locate
sed sed related stuff (wrappers, etc...)
apply-sed apply sed to each input line, replacing it per result
s2cmdl.sed converts a sed script (like this) to a (one-line) command line sed expression
stow stow related scripts
check-stow [no desc]
clean-stow [no desc]
ld-conf-stow [no desc]
make-install gross hack to run make install
remove-stow-conflicts remove all conflicts detected by stow, but that are already links to previous stow packages...
update-stow $Id$
to-stow work on 'make -n' output to produce proper commands to install over /usr/local/stow/...
sw-knife swiss army knife: using perl for emulating some unix cmds a simple perl based formatter, as described at perl man pages a simple perl based (classical) formatter yet another perl fmt(1) emulation of grep -w do a 'ls -l' in perl sleep with micro seconds uudecode written in perl uuencode written in perl emulates who (use attached C to detect utmp structure)
text to apply on (contents of) text files
cat-b.sed number nonblanks lines
cat-n.sed number input lines
cat-s.awk squeezes out all consecutive blank lines into a single blank
cat-s.sed squeezes out all consecutive blank lines into a single blank
catn.awk display files preceded by count blow up files to stdout. line by line or in full blocks
center.awk center lines
center.sed centers lines
center_ii.sed centers lines
column.awk print input lines with columns aligned another CRLF to LF converter
dotify.sed right justify text, with dots
double-space.sed add a blank after each line
expand.sed expand tabs into spaces (tabs stop = 8)
fmt.sed format text such as each line gets below 40 chars
head.sed print first few lines of input
justify.sed justifies text on 65 column-width
length.awk output each line, preceded per its length
rand-char.awk output a random char from each line of input
rand-line.awk output a random line from input outputs N random lines from input
rev-chars.sed reverse all chars of each line, keep line ordering
rev-lines.sed reverse all lines of input, i.e. first line became last, ...
shuffle-lines.awk output all input lines on random order
shuffle.awk output all input lines on random order randomizes input lines
sort.sed implementing selection sort with sed
stable-uniq remove duped lines, but keep their order find text portions in files
tail.awk display last ten lines of input
tail.sed display last ten lines of a file
unexpand.sed convert sequences of spaces to tabs, if can
unify.awk output only distinct lines, per order of appearance
uniq-d.sed print all duplicated uniq lines on a sorted input
uniq-u.sed uniq lines on a sorted input
uniq.sed uniq
wc-c.sed count chars
wc-l.sed count lines of input, kind of `wc -l'
wc-w.sed count words
wc.awk emulate unix wc, very crude
time time, dates, calendars
month.awk print current month, like cal
sleep-to sleep until a given hour
time-cmd measure the time taken by a given command
today-cal highlight today date on cal output
tomorrow shows tomorrows day, weekday, ...
utils misc utilities, unsorted handle about:cache netscape output (saved as text) apply conversions to files primitive encryptation method
describe-dir get a description of kind of file on current dir
dupexe check duped files on path
dupfiles print duplicated files on supplied dirs
dupinfo check duped info files
dupmans print duped man pages
edit-index detect new and obsoleted entries on INDEX files
find-eq-files find files that are equal find equal files search fortune database for some perl pattern
gender-pt.awk guess gender (sex) from a portuguese Christian name obtains the classical "--" beginned description of each file
growing watch the growth rate of given files
inpath check if a file is on path
kill-byname kill processes by its command line name mymirror A B, make minimal operations on B, such as A=B try to associate URL names with netscape cache files
penv print environ vars only, and not functions binary split
tee.awk implement tee(1) on awk
tget get entry from termcap file
tr-expand.awk expands tr a-z constructs, sort of... transfers one dir to another, making changes on the files
words misc operation on words of text files
capit.sed capitalize words
capit_ii.sed capitalize words
capit_iii.sed capitalize words
capit_iv.sed capitalize words
commas.sed format a number (or anything else) into xx,xxx,xxx ...
d-word.sed find consecutive duplicated words on text measure frequency of chars...
list-uniq.awk normalize a list
pmatch.awk find patterns
show-duped output duped entries on specified field
wf word frequencies
wf.awk word frequency counter
xutils utils to apply when running X
get-runnning-netscape print info about URLS netscape windows are on
get-xtitle obtains title name for current window
set-icon-name sets icon on a xterm compliant terminal
x-random-bitmap places a random bitmap as root window background

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