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README [no desc]
basename.awk print basename of a path
binary.awk perform binary conversions
bubble_sort.awk bubble sort in awk
comb.awk [no desc]
cvs.awk awk functions related with cvs
dirname.awk print directory part of a path
expand.awk expand tabs into spaces
factorial.awk compute factorial of a number
gcd.awk gcd, greatest common divisor
heap_sort.awk heap sort on awk
hex.awk hexadecimal <-> decimal conversions
insert_sort.awk insertion sort algorithm
join.awk array to string
merge_sort.awk implements merge sort
quick_sort.awk quick sort algorithm
trim.awk remove whitespace from start of a string
.exrc [no desc]
bin.m4 binary to decimal conversion
caps.m4 capitalize things
decr.m4 handles decr, if not available
fact.m4 compute factorial
fibo.m4 fibonnaci numbers
gcd.m4 computes gcd(x,y): greatest common divisor
hanoi.m4 solves hanoi towers
hex.m4 hexadecimal to decimal conversion
ifndef.m4 demo for a ifdef-like macro
list.m4 macros that deal with lists in M4
m4_hacks [no desc]
split.m4 split one string into a list
sqrt.m4 computes squate root
perl cgi parameters grabber send mail to someone using system tools runs sql queries arrays and hashes check if a command is executable in PATH parse cgi form data place commas on a number... routines to deal with dates and times routines for work with file names another way to fetch form passed variables string composed of N random chars working with hash files, with text source escape html text converts lastin1 to best ascii aproximation open and lock a file functions for finding minimum and maximum quote perl data, for later eval expand symbolic ranges into a list write contents on a filename given a ref, dump a valid perl representation of it deals with sh(1) quoting mechanism (partial) sort subs for use in the SORT builtin converts a string to an array, with sh(1) like quotes swallow files into scalar buffer routines to deal with terminal check for valid stuff functions to manipulate (x,y) data elapsed time, within resolution in 1/tick secs. several used encoding/decoding subroutines routines for uuencoding/decoding ...
.exrc [no desc]
MACROS [no desc]
Makefile [no desc]
battery.pic electronics battery symbol
cube.pic some cube plots
resistor.pic an eletronics resistor symbol
sin.pic sin function
triangle.pic draw triangles
bintree.pic a binary tree example
diag1.pic a diagram example
fill_table.pic 10x10 squares filled with diffs tones of grey
k7.pic a cassette drawing example
lamp.pic an opaque lamp
BUGS.gnu-sed-205 [no desc]
decr.sed decrement a number
define.sed a m4 subset
diff_d_D [no desc]
do-0r howto read a file, before first line
incr.sed increment a number
incr_II.sed increment a number
replace-first [no desc]
tee-sh emulation of tee using sed, and a sh(1) for cycle
FUNCTIONS using functions in shell scripts parse cgi data... get the filename portion from a path get a temporary (and unique) filename get keys on key touch executes a cmd for no more than N seconds

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